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As a Prelude to Fear

British horror movies have usually something special, differ quite a ot from the usual horror flicks from the U. S.,
have some better character and atmosphere development that capture the real and gripping horror.This is a british low budget movie from Brighton, refering to a true event and trying to adapt it on screen.Well, it's an ambitious flick with a lot of dialogue and slow character development, but the filmmaking is not tense or suspenseful:
The acting is solid/ok, but not great, intense or gripping that the story needs.The score is a rather monotonous synth-piano, that doesn't help in creating atmosphere and tension, but is annoying.The dialogues are soporific and the longer the movie gets, the more talking and the harder it's to be interested in the kidnapped victim and its fate and the police investigation.If you're interested in some low budget, independent horror flick based on true events and have the patience to sit it through, give it a try.Otherwise, skip this one.

Duration: 90 min