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Hanada Shonenshi the Movie: Spirits and the Secret Tunnel

There is a peaceful country town by the sea. The naughty boy called Ichiro Hanada began to see ghosts in this summer! After he was hit by a truck, he got this special power which is annoying him. He sees an old neighbor lady's ghost, a high school girl's ghost who appears in the tunnel, his best friend Sota's father's ghost – several ghosts comes to see Ichiro to talk about their matters and to ask their favors. He is in a panic because of these ghosts every day, and one day, a man's ghost appeared to tell him that he is Ichiro's real father! Is there any secret story of the Hanada family which every member is always cheerfully laughing? Here is to start of Ichiro's big adventure for finding the truth! —anonymous

Duration: 123 min


IMDb: 7.0