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The Holy Quaternity

Two couples, both married for over 20 years. They have been friends for a long time, and live next door with their front gardens connected. Vitek and Marie have two daughters, and Ondra and Dita have two sons, all of whom are adolescents and about to have their first sexual experiences. The two married couples, on the contrary, both suffer from very boring sex lives. When the two men, who work together in an electricity company, are asked to go to an island in the Caribbean sea to restore electricity after a hurricane, their wives propose to accompany them, transforming the trip into an exotic vacation. Under the sun, the couples start thinking about spicing up their sexual lives by exchanging sexual partners. Marie's religious beliefs make her the only one hesitant to participate in this daring foursome. But finally, she gives in to the triggering sexual mingle. —Anastasia Eleftheriou