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Uncharted (2009)

Uncharted is the story of a documentary crew that crashes on an island in their quest to find a rare jaguar. Laine Wells is an ambitious, hardworking workaholic who leads her award-winning documentary team to Gabriola Island for an exciting new expedition. Her charter plane crashes and sinks on an isolated island. Laine thinks she has landed at the Island of Gabriola. One of Laine’s crew members decides that she will go in search of the village they are certain exists so they can get shelter and food. Greg Cruz, Laine’s clownish camera operator and Greg Cruz stay with her plane. Laine’s blind ambition drives her to force Greg into joining her to film the documentary about the jaguar. Laine believes that this island has more than one jaguar because of the strange eyes hidden behind trees and bushes. Greg is worried about Greg and the rest of his crew. Despite having to deal with the sickly, alcoholic pilot, John Andrew, Laine and Greg decide to go out and look for the rest of the crew, Javier, the gaffer, Christy, the accountant/assistant, and her husband, Michael, the sound guy. Through a series video plays backs, we get to know the three crew members. John, their pilot, informs Laine & Greg during the flight that they’re not on Gabriola Island. They are told by John that they don’t know their location. Laine and Greg now start to search for their friends, as the strange ways of the jungle play with their minds. As the night falls, fear turns into dread and vicious cat calls echo through the jungle. Laine remains determined to finish her documentary. They are thrown into horror when they lose their lives, and then the mystery of the jungle begins to reveal its unnatural ways. Demetrius Navarrari wrote the following.

Duration: 79 min


IMDb: 2.0